Happy Clients

Happy Clients

From high school and college students searching for career direction to senior citizens re-entering the workforce, from artists looking for a new path to CEOs seeking a career boost, Elizabeth’s clients have all benefited from her strategies, focus, and resources.

Here’s what some of those clients have said:

Nick - Palm Beach County Area, Florida
Working with Elizabeth was fun. It felt like a true partnership, one designed with my best interests at heart. Traveling this journey with her I acknowledged and learned a lot about myself, such as how I like to work and what gets the best out of me, which was very beneficial to every day life as well as identifying my next role. Elizabeth has made the Career Strategist role an art and a science - with fantastic success. I have certainly benefited, and whole heartedly recommend her to anyone looking for the next move, whether you’re going for a promotion or a career change. I’m grateful for her patience, kindness and expertise, and I’m excited to start my new role next week.

"The questionnaire forms, value and skill sorts really helped me gain mental clarity 
about why I’m doing this change, why it’s important, and what things I want to be different. It’s also helped me to start experiencing that shift in mental focus before leaving the job, which is difficult to do. Being in that mental space and having the clarity allows me to move forward confidently with this life change. Thank you Elizabeth Craig, Master Career Strategist!"

-Aaron F.

“This has been great! Each time I come away energized! It’s like a jumper cable boost! The enlightenment! I really appreciate the specific information you send me … This has been much needed, timely and extremely helpful! I look forward to speaking with you each time.”
-Jim, Business Development Advisor
Ongoing Monthly Telephone Coaching Client, Arizona

“Each time I meet with you, I know how much I need this! With my action plan, I am now focused on a career path and retraining that fits my short term and long-range career goals. You know exactly the questions to ask to get me to where I want to be quickly. I couldn’t do this without your mastery of career strategy. Thank you so much!”
-Susan, Transitioning to the Physical Therapy career field
West Palm Beach, Florida

“I feel so much better about my situation in the job market as well as life now…more confident in my ability to make an impression on people in a positive way. I’m more prepared and ready to take on challenges. Thank you for your kind words and encouragement. …I feel like I am headed in the right direction now, thanks to you. I feel that I have gained a lot from your knowledge and expertise. Thank you again.”
-Brian, On the way to a position in Japan via
Rochester, Minnesota and St. Louis, Missouri

“You encouraged me to develop, grow and to “think out of the box” for answers to my problems and to come up with creative solutions… I will never forget this. As far as communication, you did an excellent job of assuring me…you always got back to me within a 24-hour period. I knew I could count on you for a correct, clear and concise answer.”
-Pam, Employment Specialist

“I felt more than overwhelmed. You stated that you would do everything you could to adjust to my busy schedule. You didn’t just talk the talk you walked the walk. Up until late at night emailing…always offering words of encouragement. I would like to express my gratitude and thanks for all the wonderful work you put into making me feel like I mattered … one of the best experiences I have had.”

Minneapolis, Minnesota

“I am the luckiest guy to have you dedicated to the clients we serve. You truly set the standard for the word professional! Thanks for all you do so well.”
-Bob, Program Manager
Minneapolis, Minnesota

“I liked your enthusiasm and encouragement. I’ve been very reticent to go back to the market, and you helped me to get over this hump. It was very helpful to bounce around disconnected ideas… helpful for me to coalesce my thoughts… good sounding board to discuss. You provided quite a few good ideas on leads and where to learn to go next. The most helpful part was the conversations that helped me to distill a game plan. I would describe the career services I received as excellent!”
-Former Fortune 100 Senior Vice-President/CFO

Happy Businesses and Organizations

Elizabeth Craig has worked with hundreds of groups, organizations, and businesses, some small in size, others global leaders. These clients include:

AAA – American Automobile Association
Benfield/Aon Benfield
Good Samaritan Society
Galleria Merchants
Gavidae Commons
St. Paul Companies
Professional Sales Association
Augustana Care Corporation
Augustana Health and Longevity Institute
Sales and Marketing Executives of Minneapolis
College of Advanced Education (Perth, Australia)
University of Nebraska – Lincoln
University of Minnesota
University of St. Thomas
Palm Beach Atlantic College (West Palm Beach, Florida)
Minnesota Career Development Association
American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences
Heritage Park Place (Roseville, Minnesota)
Normandale Community College (Minneapolis, Minnesota)
Alpha Gamma Rho (Natural Resources and Agriculture Fraternity)
Delta Sigma Pi (Business Fraternity)


Elizabeth provides private career coaching and consultations, career counseling, career tests and assessments, workshops, classes, presentations on job search strategies, and career planning for clients all across the globe.

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